Facing an unexpected pregnancy can be a scary experience. You might feel like abortion is your only option, but learning more about your other options can take the fear out of the situation so you can make a confident decision.

If abortion doesn’t feel right, parenting and adoption are other options. While both options involve carrying your pregnancy to term, learning more about them might clarify your choice.


Many women are intimidated by the thought of parenting. Even when a woman plans her pregnancy, it is normal for her to doubt her ability to raise a child. Before deciding that parenting isn’t for you, understand why.

  • Are you worried that you don’t have parenting skills?
  • Are you worried about being financially prepared?
  • Are you worried that you won’t be able to pursue your goals?
  • Are you worried you won’t have the support you need?

If you want to consider parenting, but one of these reasons is stopping you, look into available resources. The Pregnancy Resource Center works with local agencies that offer parenting education classes to equip you with the skills you need to be a successful parent. We can also refer you to community resources to help you financially. You have the strength to parent. If you choose to parent, we want to support you so you succeed.


Though adoption is challenging, many women choose this option when they know they aren’t ready to parent but also want to know that their baby will have an opportunity to be loved by adoptive parents waiting for them. 

Adoption is full of options, and there are three types:

  • Open adoption- in open adoption, the birth mother can choose the parents for her child. She can even meet them before making her decision if she wants. After the adoption, the birth mother and the adoptive family stay in contact using their agreed-upon terms. For some families, this looks like frequent in-person visits. For other families, it looks like the adoptive family sending texts or pictures occasionally. Choose a communication level that works for you!

Open adoption is the best fit for women who want to know their child and watch them grow.

  • Semi-open adoption- communication in a semi-open adoption occurs through a third party to keep the birth mother’s and the adoptive family’s identifying information confidential. Usually, the adoption agency or an adoption attorney handles the communication. The birth mother can request how frequently she wants to hear from the family.
  • Closed adoption- for women that would find communication with their child too difficult after placing them for adoption, a closed adoption might be the right fit. In a closed adoption, all identifying information remains confidential, and no communication occurs between the parties.

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Regardless of where your options lead you, your first step in pregnancy is a pregnancy test and a confirmation ultrasound. Schedule an appointment today to get both services for free and meet with an options counselor to clarify your options. The Pregnancy Resource Center of Glenwood Springs does not perform or refer for abortion.