Though rare, there are circumstances where women who have medically life-threatening conditions due to pregnancy must seek immediate life-saving treatment. In these situations, women will not be denied medical intervention. This treatment includes the termination of pregnancy, even in states that do not allow abortions.

Is Treatment for an Ectopic Pregnancy the Same as an Abortion?

Some believe the treatment of ectopic pregnancy and an abortion are the same. However, due to the nature of both an ectopic pregnancy (a life-threatening pregnancy that takes place outside the uterus) and an abortion, they do differ.

According to this UT Southwestern Medical Center post by Dr. Patricia Santiago Munoz, M.D., “Ectopic pregnancy treatment is not the same as abortion… treatment cannot be generalized as ‘abortion,’ particularly because many women with ectopic pregnancies planned to conceive and wanted to carry their pregnancies to term.”

Treatment of ectopic pregnancy is performed to remove a non-viable fetus outside the uterus for fthe purpose of saving a woman’s life. 

Abortion ends a viable pregnancy that takes place within the uterus.

Is Treatment for a Miscarriage the Same as an Abortion?

The intention behind an abortion is to end a viable pregnancy, while seeking treatment for a miscarriage is a medically necessary intervention to safeguard a woman’s health.

An article published by the University of Missouri’s School of Medicine states, “Abortion is the termination of a pregnancy…in which the embryo or fetus is prematurely removed or caused to be expelled. Induced abortions are commonly voluntary (elective)…in contrast to spontaneous abortion, or miscarriage, in which the embryo or fetus is involuntarily expelled because of accidental trauma or disease.”

Will Emergency Treatment To End Pregnancy Be Denied Post Roe?

Emergencies necessitating life-saving measures will not be denied to women. As stated in a recent letter from the Secretary of Health and Human Services, treatment is the responsibility of medical professionals who will do everything possible to save the woman’s life, no matter where the woman resides or where that treatment is taking place.  

The only way a woman would die from not having a pregnancy termination is if she could not obtain emergency medical care in time.

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